RubbleCrusher RC150V Detailed Review

RubbleCrusher RC150V

The RubbleCrusher RC150V represents a significant upgrade to the proven RC150 model. CMB International Ltd., a distinguished UK-based heavy-duty crushing and screening equipment manufacturer, expertly crafts this cutting-edge mobile mini jaw crusher. The RC150V is tailored for on-site recycling construction and demolition waste, a pressing need in contemporary urban development. Its compact design, weighing under 3,500kg, makes it easily towable using a 4×4 vehicle, enabling immediate crushing at the material collection site. This feature is particularly beneficial for projects that require fast-paced debris processing and reuse. The RC150V’s versatility extends to various applications, including landscape gardening, recycling demolition, infrastructure projects, and medium-sized aggregate crushing tasks, marking it as an essential tool in modern construction and recycling operations.

Pros and Cons

  1. Efficiency and Speed: Designed for maximum efficiency, the RC150V quickly and effectively crushes material, reducing wear and tear on the machine.
  2. Maneuverability: Its compact size allows it to access tight spaces, enhancing its utility in varied job sites.
  3. Versatility: The adjustable jaws can crush various materials, such as concrete, bricks, asphalt, and glass, and adapt to different job types.
  4. Energy Efficiency: It has a low energy consumption rate, utilizing electricity only when necessary, which is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  1. Power Limitations: Its power output might be insufficient for particularly large or tough jobs.
  2. Initial Investment: The higher upfront cost can be a barrier compared to other machines in its class.
  3. Maintenance Challenges: Some parts of the crusher may be difficult to access, potentially making repairs or maintenance more time-consuming.
  4. Noise Levels: The operation noise level can be higher than some of its competitors, which may restrict its use in noise-sensitive areas.
Rubble Crusher RC150V

Specification for Mobile Mini Jaw Crusher

The RC150V comes with detailed specifications that underscore its efficiency and suitability for a range of crushing tasks:

  • Jaw Crusher Module: 650mm x 350mm, designed for effective crushing.
  • Engine: EU Tier V / US Stage 4 compliant Yanmar diesel engine, balancing power and environmental considerations.
  • Crusher Drive: Hydraulically driven with a reversing function, enhancing its capability to deal with blockages.
  • Chassis: Full EU Type Approved Trailer Chassis, ensuring legal and safe towing.
  • Output Adjustment: Mechanical crusher output adjustment via a shim system allows precise output size control
  • Additional Features: Include hydraulic jack support legs, a hydraulic product conveyor, and a fixed feed hopper equipped with replaceable Hardox liners for durability.

Mini Jaw Crusher Features

The RC150V is packed with features that enhance its performance and user experience:

  • High Crushing Capacity: Up to 150 kilograms per hour, making it suitable for various project sizes.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Intuitive controls and an LCD for easy setting adjustments.
  • Automatic Feeding System: Facilitates easy and quick loading and unloading of materials.
  • Easy Maintenance: Designed for hassle-free upkeep.
  • Robust Hydraulic System: Ensures efficient operation in challenging conditions.

Jaw Crusher Working Principle

The working principle of a jaw crusher, exemplified by the RubbleCrusher RC150V, is fundamentally about converting larger rocks or pieces of rubble into smaller, more manageable particles. This process is achieved through a combination of mechanical forces and simple physics.

At the heart of the jaw crusher is a pair of jaws, one fixed and the other moving. The moving jaw is mounted on a pivot point, allowing it to move in a reciprocating motion toward and away from the fixed jaw. This motion is created by an eccentric shaft that drives the moving jaw. The material to be crushed is fed into the top of the crusher and gradually moves down into the crushing chamber.

As the material enters the chamber, the motion of the moving jaw compresses it against the fixed jaw, breaking the material into smaller pieces. The final output size can be controlled by adjusting the distance between the two jaws at their closest point, known as the “closed side setting.” This adjustment can be done mechanically or hydraulically in more advanced models like the RC150V.

This crushing action is efficient and effective, capable of processing a variety of materials. The simplicity of this mechanism ensures reliability and lower maintenance requirements, making jaw crushers a popular choice in the industry for primary crushing operations.

The RC150V, in particular, enhances this basic principle with features like a hydraulic drive and a reversing function to handle blockages, ensuring smooth operation even in challenging conditions.

RC150V Rubble Crusher

User-friendly and Safe

The design of the RC150V prioritizes user-friendliness and safety:

  • Ease of Use: Simple feeding mechanism and consistent operational output.
  • Safety Features: An emergency stop button, adjustable guard rails, and a built-in dust collection system.
  • Operator Safety: Designed to minimize exposure to harmful particles and reduce the risk of operational hazards.

Compact Design High Workload

The RC150V’s design is a perfect blend of compactness and high workload capacity:

  • Compact Design: Easy to transport and assemble on-site, suitable for small and medium-sized projects.
  • High Workload Capacity: Processes large volumes of material efficiently, ideal for tight deadlines.
  • Durable Engine: Ensures consistent performance in tough working conditions.
  • Versatile Applications: It is suitable for various tasks, including recycling, demolition, gold mining, infrastructure projects, and quarrying.

User’s and Editor’s Scores

Reflecting on its features and capabilities, users have rated the RC150V an average of 8 out of 10, signifying high satisfaction levels. This rating is based on its robust design, effective engine performance, and user-friendly operation. Editors have gone further, awarding it a higher score of 9 out of 10, appreciating its exceptional performance and reliability on various job sites globally. These ratings collectively make the RC150V one of the market’s most highly recommended rubble crushers.

Detailed Analysis and Conclusion

The RubbleCrusher RC150V is an innovative, efficient, and versatile mobile mini jaw crusher, particularly suited for small to moderate crushing projects. Its ability to be towed and operate directly on-site makes it an invaluable asset for immediate material processing, enhancing productivity and sustainability in construction and demolition projects.

The machine’s compact size, high capacity, and user-friendly design ensure it meets the needs of diverse applications, from landscape gardening to infrastructure and recycling. While it excels in efficiency and versatility, potential buyers should consider the initial investment and maintenance aspects and the operational noise level, which may be higher than some of its competitors.

For those in the market for a reliable, compact, and versatile mobile crusher, the RubbleCrusher RC150V is a strong contender. It effectively balances performance, safety, and environmental considerations.

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