K-JC805 Mobile Jaw Crusher

K-JC805 Mobile Jaw Crusher

Komplet K-JC805 Jaw Crusher Overview

komplet k jc805 mobile compact jaw crusher processing concrete

Are you looking to boost productivity on your site? Meet our largest compact mobile rock-crushing machine – Komplet K-JC805. The K-JC805 jaw crusher is engineered to crush a wide variety of materials and excels in crushing applications involving medium rock, hard rock, reinforced concrete, and asphalt. This jaw crusher is ideal for both contractors and quarry operators alike.

The Komplet K-JC805 crusher can be transported with ease and because of its size, the K-JC805 can get in and out of some tight situations on-site. This mobile crusher is designed to gain unrivaled access to the engine and the surroundings of the crushing chamber. Have a crush on this crusher? Better get to crushing and save up on waste removal. Contact our team to learn ways to crush your on-site expenses with the K-JC805 mobile jaw crusher.

K-JC805 Jaw Crusher

Pros and Cons Values

While the Komplet K-JC805 jaw crusher has many benefits, there are some negatives as well. Komplet is always striving to improve the feature in its upcoming models of jaw crushers.

  • When used properly, jaw crushers usually have the lowest wear and tear costs.
  • Depending on the hardness, breakability, and abrasiveness, the wear costs are significantly lower than for impact and cone crushers.
  • Jaw crushers are essential equipment in all mining and construction industries.
  • Economical compared to other crushers.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Simple structure.
  • Excellent after sales service.
  • Spare parts easily available.
  • High power consumption.
  • Granularity of the end product is not uniform.
  • Excessive vibrations and noise.
  • There is only one single crushing process. The machine is not capable of carrying out multidimensional crushing of rocks.
k-jc805 mobile jaw crusher for on site recycling komplet america llc

K-JC805 Mobile Jaw Crusher

Specification for K-JC805

Engine TypeDoosan Tier 4 Final
Engine Horsepower130 hp
Jaw Size31″ ✕ 21″
Working Size (L ✕ W ✕ H)38′ ✕ 17′ ✕ 9’4″
Transport Size (L ✕ W ✕ H)30′ ✕ 8’2″ ✕ 9’4″
Weight39,800 lbs
Warranty12 months / 1000 hours
Output Size1 -3/8″ TO 5 -1/8″
komplet k jc805 compact mobile jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher Komplet K-JC805

Mobile Jaw Crusher Features

The jaw crushers offered by Komplet promise to accelerate your operating procedures and handle the toughest challenges in any environment. The crushing system is designed to accommodate various sizes and types of materials. The required material size to be crushed can be achieved by simply checking the jaw crusher opening size. This mechanism allows the materials to be crushed to arrive in a completely automated manner.

Some crushing plants can be activated remotely through a precise command. The factor of mobility and handling is also indispensable, especially the mobile ones, which must be stable even on the roughest terrain. Crushing plants can also be designed to treat and recycle different types of rock waste, whether rocks, marble, cement, or rubble. Since the machinery is not oriented to the process of a single type of material, it does not in any way limit the production of industry. Following are some unique features of Komplet K-JC805 jaw crusher:

  • Magnetic extraction belt that is hydraulically adjustable.
  • K-JC805 has a compact size. This allows enhanced maneuverability and versatility.
  • Availability of chamber-level sensor.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Availability of pan feeder with load sensing.
  • Ease of maintenance. Thanks to the access platform and open chassis design.
  • The machine is equipped with rubber tracks.
  • Hydraulically foldable conveyor belt to facilitate transport by vehicle.
  • Hydraulic transmission vibrator that feeds the crushing unit automatically.
k-jc805 mobile jaw crusher for on site recycling komplet america llc

Komplet Mobile Crusher K-JC805

Working Principle

The name jaw crusher derives from the jaws necessary for crushing and the “chewing” movement. K-JC805 is an example of a primary crusher that involves breaking larger rocks into smaller ones. To break down hard materials, the jaw crushers use compressive force. There are two “jaws” involved in this process. One of these jaws is moveable, while the other is fixed. While working on the principle of reciprocating motion, the movable jaw compresses and crushes the hard rocks and stones between itself and the fixed jaw. 

komplet k-jc805 mobile jaw crusher

The elliptical movement shatters the material, which falls due to gravity. This process continues until the material becomes smaller than the crushing gap. The crushing energy acts on the crushed material to be processed with great forces and at low speeds. The capacity of the jaw to move 250 to 400 times per minute produces the necessary mechanical pressure. This results in the creation of smaller crushed particles.

Concrete Crusher K-JC805

User-friendly and Safe 

To ensure the safe use of the jaw crusher, it is essential to pay attention to the safety guidelines provided by the company. The Komplet K-JC805 jaw crushers come with various user-friendly and safety features. The machine is very easy to operate. By using the control panel, you can adjust the conveyor belt’s speed, decide the magnet’s positioning in height or the right/left rotation, turn the plant on or off, and open and close the crusher.

For safe handling, it can also be operated by remote control. The machine is equipped with rubber tracks for easy mobility on rough terrains. The machine has various sensors to monitor the loads and prevent overloading. The company itself backs all the parts used in the Komplet K-JC805 jaw crusher to ensure maximum safety and quality. Any part that requires replacement can be easily purchased through the large Komplet part inventory. The company provides fast and clear communication if you need any support.

K-JC805 Mobile Rock Crusher

Compact Design & High Workload

Jaw crushers are used for coarse crushing of brittle, medium-hard, and hard rocks. They are most frequently used as primary crushers. In some recycling activities, in combination with small jaw crushers, it is possible to produce layers of crushed stone for paths and secondary roads. The final product is often relatively smooth with the crushing process by compression, by which the rock is broken along its natural crack edges.

The ability to manage heavy workloads combined with a compact design is what makes Komplet K-JC805 jaw crusher is one of the best machines of its type. Thanks to its rubber track, it can be moved around constantly.

K-JC805 Jaw Crusher

Rock Crusher Machine K-JC805


The Komplet K-JC805 is the perfect crushing machine used in construction or mining sites to recycle construction waste. If you want superior operating efficiency in breaking down large rocks, a jaw crusher is your machine. The machine can be used for demolition, quarrying, mining, recycling, and contracting applications.

K-JC805 Mobile Jaw Crusher
K-JC805 Mobile Jaw Crusher

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