RubbleCrusher RC150T Overview

RubbleCrusher RC150T

The RubbleCrusher RC150T represents a significant leap in the realm of mobile mini jaw crushers. Crafted with expertise by CMB International Ltd., a leader in heavy-duty crushing and screening equipment, this model embodies efficiency and versatility. With its compact, robust design and trailer-mounted mobility, it stands out in the market for its ease of transportation to various work sites. Weighing under 3,500kg, it can be towed using a standard 4×4 vehicle, offering immediate on-site crushing capabilities. This functionality is crucial for small to moderate crushing projects, especially in recycling construction and demolition waste, aligning with sustainable construction practices.

Pros and Cons

  1. High Mobility: Easily transportable to various locations due to its trailer-mounted design.
  2. On-Site Crushing Efficiency: Enables immediate crushing of materials on-site, saving transportation costs and time.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Facilitates the recycling of construction and demolition debris.
  4. Application Versatility: Ideal for various projects, including landscape gardening, recycling, demolition, and aggregate crushing.
  1. Limited Scale: This may not be suitable for larger, industrial-scale crushing needs.
  2. Vehicle Dependence: Requires a 4×4 vehicle for transportation.

Specification for Mobile Mini Jaw Crusher

The RubbleCrusher RC150T is equipped with a 26″x14″ jaw crusher on rubber tracks, powered by a 38hp Yanmar engine. It features a 64″x50″ feed hopper with a spill guard alongside a hydraulic discharge conveyor. The crusher can handle a maximum feed size of 20″x11″, with closed-side settings ranging from 5/8″ to 4″. Its throughput capacity spans from 5-50 tph, showcasing its efficiency in its compact form.

Rubble Crusher RC150T

Mini Jaw Crusher Features

The RubbleCrusher RC150T is distinguished by its array of features that enhance its functionality and user experience. At the heart of these features is a powerful and efficient 38hp Yanmar diesel engine, ensuring reliable performance and compliance with EU Tier V emissions standards. This engine powers a robust 26″x14″ jaw crusher, which sits on sturdy rubber tracks, providing stability and mobility.

A key aspect of the RC150T’s design is its hydraulic system, which drives the crusher. This system includes a valuable reversing function, an innovative feature that helps manage blockages caused by uncrushable materials, thereby reducing downtime and maintaining operational efficiency.

The crusher is also designed with user convenience in mind. It boasts a mechanical crusher output adjustment system, enabling precise control over the size of crushed material. This flexibility is crucial for various applications. Hydraulic jack support legs are included, simplifying the setup process and ensuring stable operation.

The RC150T is equipped with a hydraulic product conveyor for material handling. This addition enhances the overall efficiency of the crushing process, facilitating the smooth transfer of crushed material. Moreover, the crusher features a fixed feed hopper lined with replaceable Hardox liners, which not only ensures durability but also aids in consistent material feed into the crusher.

These features collectively make the RubbleCrusher RC150T a versatile and efficient choice for small to medium-sized crushing projects, especially where mobility and quick setup are key considerations.

Jaw Crusher Working Principle

The working principle of the RubbleCrusher RC150 T jaw crusher is rooted in the timeless and efficient mechanism of compressive crushing. This principle involves converting mechanical pressure into crushing energy to break down materials. Inside the crusher, two hard-wearing jaw plates, one fixed and the other moving, create a V-shaped chamber. The material to be crushed is fed into this chamber.

As the moving jaw plate exerts force against the material, it presses it against the fixed plate, effectively crushing it. This process is repeated rapidly and controlled, resulting in the consistent breaking down of the material into smaller, uniform pieces. The distance between the jaw plates at the bottom of the chamber, known as the closed-side setting, determines the final size of the crushed material. The RC150T allows for adjustments in this setting, offering versatility in output sizes suitable for various applications.

The efficiency of this crushing method lies in its simplicity and effectiveness, making the RC150T ideal for a range of crushing tasks, from recycling to aggregate production. This fundamental yet powerful principle ensures that the RC150T delivers consistent and reliable performance in its crushing operations.

RC150T Rubble Crusher

User-friendly and Safe

The RubbleCrusher RC150T is designed with a strong focus on user-friendliness and safety, making it a reliable choice for various users. One of the key aspects of its design is the simplicity of operation. The straightforward controls ensure ease of use even for those with limited experience in operating such machinery. Safety is paramount in the design of the RC150T. It features a hydraulic system that includes safety mechanisms to manage blockages effectively, reducing the risk of operational hazards. This attention to user experience and safety enhances the efficiency of crushing operations and ensures a safer working environment, which is crucial in any construction or demolition setting.

Compact Design, High Workload

The RubbleCrusher RC150T is ingeniously designed to balance a compact form with a high workload capacity, making it an ideal solution for various crushing needs. Despite its small footprint, this mini jaw crusher is built to handle a substantial volume of work. Its 26″x14″ jaw crusher, capable of processing various materials, is a testament to this balance. The compact design of the RC150T makes it highly maneuverable and suitable for use in confined spaces, which is often required in urban demolition sites or small construction projects.

Furthermore, the RC150T’s design ensures that it can be easily transported to different sites, adding to its versatility. Despite its size, the crusher doesn’t compromise on power. The 38hp Yanmar engine ensures consistent performance, and its ability to process 5-50 tph (tons per hour) demonstrates its capability to handle a significant workload. This blend of compactness and high workload capacity makes the RC150T a valuable tool in scenarios where space is limited but efficiency and productivity are essential.

User’s and Editor’s Scores

From a user’s perspective, the RubbleCrusher RC150T is highly rated for its efficiency, user-friendliness, and environmental sustainability. It is particularly beneficial for on-site recycling of materials in various construction contexts. From an editor’s viewpoint, this model is commendable for its innovative design, application versatility, and contribution to more sustainable construction practices.

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