Keestrack B3 Rock Crusher

Keestrack B3 Rock Crusher

Keestrack B3 Overview

Keestrack is a leading provider of mobile crushing and screening solutions. The Keestrack B3 mobile jaw crusher is considered an efficient tracked crushing plant today. This state-of-the-art machine offers maximum productivity with minimal downtime, making it ideal for large-scale operations such as recycling, quarrying, and mining.

The B3 has a highly efficient direct drive system that provides excellent power transfer capabilities in even challenging conditions and terrain. The robust construction ensures that this crusher can handle heavy workloads for prolonged periods without any problems. In addition, its adjustable discharge height makes it suitable for larger feed materials like concrete blocks or bricks and smaller sizes like gravel or sand.

keestrack b3 crusher

Keestrack B3 Rock Crusher

Pros and Cons

  • High productivity with low operating costs due to its efficient direct drive system.
  • Robust construction and a sturdy design for heavy-duty applications.
  • Integrated pre-screen to separate fines from feed material, reducing wear on the crusher and improving end-product quality.
  • Self-contained unit with an onboard powerpack and generator, providing greater mobility and flexibility on site.
  • Ease of operation through the intuitive user interface and the advanced diagnostic system allows reduced set-up times and improved service life of components.
  • Initial set-up costs are high as it is a larger mobile jaw crusher model than standard models, which can be costly to transport to remote locations or difficult work sites.
  • Higher noise levels due to the diesel engine when in operation requiring ear protection in nearby locations.
  • Regular servicing and maintenance may be required as with any heavy machinery equipment, which could lead to higher expenses on your heavy equipment.

Keestrack B3 Crusher

Specification for Jaw Crusher

The Keestrack B3 mobile jaw crusher is a high-performance machine that can handle various mining tasks. Its primary specifications include the following: 

Operating weight29 t
Crusher opening length1 m
Crusher opening width0.6 m
Transport width2.54 m
Transport length12.435 m
Transport height3.1 m
Crusher typeBB
Plant typeRM
Silo capacity4 m³
Maximum output300 t
Maximum feed size500 m

Keestrack B3 Mobile Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher Features

keestrack b3 rock crusher

The Keestrack B3 mobile jaw crusher is a highly effective piece of equipment with various features and advantages. This crusher is designed for easy transport, as it can be quickly set up on-site and easily moved from one location to another. It boasts an efficient diesel engine that provides excellent power to the feeder system, allowing it to handle larger volumes of material in less time. 

The large hopper capacity allows for long uninterrupted operations, while the adjustable crusher settings allow optimal control over the size reduction process. This machine also features hydraulic gap adjustment and overload protection for greater safety. Customers benefit from its low fuel consumption and the wide range of applications it can be used for, such as crushing stones, asphalt, concrete, and demolition waste.

Keestrack B3 Rock Crusher

Jaw Crusher Working Principle

Keestrack B3 mobile jaw crusher is the latest innovation from Keestrack, a leading construction and mining equipment manufacturer. The Keestrack B3 uses advanced technology to help reduce wasted energy and increase overall efficiency. This mobile jaw crusher operates according to a simple working principle: feed material is crushed between two large jaws that move in an elliptical motion.

The power behind the B3 comes from its aggressive oversized jaws, designed to compress material quickly and efficiently. Because the surface area of each jaw is larger than traditional models, more material can be processed with less energy expended. Additionally, the asymmetrical design increases force on one side, resulting in higher throughput rates and improved performance on hard materials like granite or concrete blocks. To ensure safety for operators, a spring-loaded release system opens the movable jaw automatically when pressure builds up within it.

Keestrack B3

User-friendly and Safe 

The Keestrack B3 mobile jaw crusher is an innovative and user-friendly tool in the mining industry. This machine provides operators with the ability to process a variety of materials while maintaining optimal safety standards. The durable design of this equipment ensures that it can withstand harsh conditions and is built to last. 

This machine has numerous features that make it both user-friendly and safe for its operators. The operational control panel allows easy access to its functions, allowing users to switch between different modes depending on their needs. Besides, the integrated dust filter helps maintain a clean environment, reducing any airborne particles or hazardous gasses released during processing. Furthermore, sensors are installed throughout the unit that monitors potential issues, such as overheating components or blockages in the feed hopper, which could potentially lead to safety incidents.

Keestrack B3

Compact Design u0026amp; Workload

The Keestrack B3 mobile jaw crusher is the perfect addition for construction and demolition projects. This crusher has a powerful engine, robust design, and high workload capacity. The machine’s compact size makes it ideal for tight workspaces, while its innovative technology ensures optimum performance.

The Keestrack B3 has been designed with operator safety in mind; an automatic gap-setting system that resets after each cycle prevents overloading and blocking of materials. Additionally, an easy-to-use display allows operators to monitor production levels and fuel consumption for maximum efficiency. The Keestrack B3 also boasts low noise emission levels, enhancing its reputation as one of its class’s most reliable and efficient machines.

Keestrack B3 Rock Crusher


User reviews show that Keestrack B3 mobile jaw crusher offers great functionality, efficiency, and usability. Rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars, users appreciate its versatile applications in mining, demolition, asphalt recycling, construction sites, or even quarry work. Its independent pre-screening system is praised for reducing wear cost by up to 80% while increasing capacity with little effort required on the operator’s part. Editor reviews also point to the superior features of this machine, as well as its robust construction quality, which ensures long-lasting performance.

Keestrack B3 Rock Crusher
Keestrack B3 Rock Crusher

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