MT5000 Mobile Hammer Mill

MT5000 Mobile Hammer Mill

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The Komplet MT5000 hammer mill is the smallest mobile compact mill on the market. It is equipped with swinging hammers, an unloading conveyor belt, and a feeding conveyor built in a wide loading hopper. This enables the high efficiency of the equipment. The hammer mill can shatter and pulverizes concrete, ceramics, cement tiles, etc. 

MT5000 hammer mill can be easily transported to the site with its compact size and low weight. It is excellent for glass recycling companies and porcelain manufacturers to recycle their waste into fine reusable materials. 

MT5000 Hammer Mill

Capacity of Hammer Mill Crusher

A hammer mill’s capacity depends on several factors, such as speed, characteristics of materials, amount of feed, etc. The Komplet MT5000 offers an easy and quick set-up and efficient production of crushing materials. The 28.5hp diesel engine enhances the smooth operation of the swinging hammers, unloading conveyor belt, and feeding conveyor.

It is equipped with 16 inches by 12 inches inlet opening, which can accept a maximum feed size of 25mm for optimal performance. As a result, the MT5000 can produce 5 to 25 tonnes per hour with an output size range from 0 to 1 inch. 

MT5000 Mobile Hammer Mill

Compact Design High Workload

The 7,495 lbs Komplet MT5000 is the smallest tracked hammer mill on the market. The compact design and low weight enables it to be easily transported. You can load it via ramps on any trailer or truck. In addition, its 6.8 ft rubber track helps with mobility on site. 

Komplet MT5000 also has a high workload. With the aid of its 28.5hp Isuzu diesel engine, it can produce up to 25 tonnes of processed material per hour.


The crusher is the component responsible for the crushing of the fed materials. They are in the form of hammers, rotating at high speed to get the job done. Usually, the control of the speed of rotation can be controlled by the control panel of the mobile hammer mill crusher. 


The feeder is the passage for materials to get into the hammer mill. This component is responsible for feeding the material into the equipment; it features a loading belt with a hopper capacity of 0,6 m³. 

Product Conveyor

A conveyor is used to transport products from one location to the other. It is the same in the MT5000 hammer mill; the product conveyor is responsible for moving your fine materials to the outlet.

Power Unit

The Komplet MT5000 hammer mill features an Isuzu diesel engine with a power of up to 21kW / 28.5 Hp. The machine consumes about 5.5 L/h for its operation.


The Komplet hammer mill is equipped with solid rubber crawler tracks. The rubber tracks have a length of 6.8ft and a width of 11.8 in, which helps ease on-site transportation.

MT5000 Mobile Hammer Mill

Pros and Cons

The MT5000 hammer mill is easy to operate, maintain, and has easy mobility because of its compact design. Still, it has some limitations. Let’s discuss some pros and cons below.

  • Good PerformanceMT5000 has a high reduction ratio, and that’s why it is excellent for glass recycling companies. It has a high capacity, can produce up to 25 tonnes per hour, and produce an output material of less than 1 inch.
  • MobilityIdentical to most Komplet equipment, the MT5000 hammer mill enhances easy movement. It is equipped with solid tracks to aid movement on site, but you can also load it via ramps on trailers.
  • Easy OperationGenerally, the Komplet hammer mill is easy to set up and operate. The equipment features a simple control panel and can be remote-controlled. In addition, the hammer mill is easy to maintain and can grind different types of materials.
  • Excessive Wear
    It isn’t recommended to grind hard and abrasive material to fine particles with this crusher because it might cause excessive wear. It is important to note that excessively worn hammer mills have reduced performance.

MT5000 Compact Mill Crushing Machine

Mill Crushing Machine Technical Parameters

Mill Working

Mill dimension15.7 in x 11.8 in
Granulometry0 in – .9 in

Feeding: Loading Belt with Hopper

Length5.8 ft
Width4.1 ft
Hopper Capacity0,6 m³
Loading Height6.2 ft

Extracting Belt

Length8.2 ft
Width1.3 ft
Pile height3.6 ft

Isuzu Engine

Power21/28,5 kW/Hp
Consuption5,5 L/h

Rubber Crawled Track

Length6.8 ft
Width11.8 in


Production5-25 T/h
Max size.9 in
Standard weight7,495 lbs

MT5000 Hammer Mill

Key Features and Options

  • Loading belt with feeding speed adjustment knob.
  • Dust dumping system.
  • Remote control for all movement.
  • Magnetic roller to remove metals.
  • Compact size for ease of transportation.
  • Quick set-up time.
  • Easy & intuitive button operations.


Working Principle of Hammer Mill Machine

The working principle of the hammer mill machine involves the use of the impact of a rapidly rotating hammer to crush materials. Komplet MT5000 is equipped with swinging hammers and a feeding conveyor built into a wide loading hopper.

Thus, once the material is fed into the hammer mill through the hopper, the swinging hammer starts to rotate and reduces the particle size. After the reduction of materials, the reduced particles fall through the screen. The screen allows the material to pass after being reduced to desired size output.

mt 5000 hammer mill track


User-friendly and Safe

The Komplet hammer mill is easy to set up, operate, clean, and maintain. Thus, it is user-friendly, but it is also safe to use. The MT5000 is equipped with dust suppression water spray nozzles to prevent combustible dust fires from breaking out. It also features a magnetic roller to remove metals to avoid contaminated products or operational accidents.

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The Komplet MT5000 hammer mill is a high-performing crushing machine. You can easily transport it thanks to its attached ramps and rubber tracks; you can also use it in tight spaces because of its compact design and low weight. The hammer mill crusher is excellent for transforming waste, including concrete, toilettes, ceramics, etc., to fine reusable materials on site.

MT5000 Mobile Hammer Mill
MT5000 Mobile Hammer Mill

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