R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher

R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher

The R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher is a powerful machine that can be used for various crushing applications. It has a capacity of up to 800 tons, making it ideal for small mines and other industrial sites.

R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher Overview

The machine’s jaw crusher mechanism allows it to create fine particles while breaking larger rocks into smaller pieces. This makes the R800 an excellent choice for mining purposes and other industrial tasks such as aggregate production and mineral processing. Plus, maintenance is low-profile and relatively simple because it uses pneumatics instead of hydraulics for movement.

Rockster R800 jaw crusher concrete

R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher 

Pros and Cons

The R800 track-mounted jaw crusher is a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses that need high-quality crushing and milling services. Here are some of the pros and cons of this machine:

  • Very easy to operate, even for inexperienced operators 
  • Increased productivity due to faster crushing speeds
  • Fast loading times due to its large feed opening (estimated at 180 mm) 
  • Capable of handling a wide variety of materials, including hard rocks, concrete, and more 
  • Track-mounted jaw crushers offer greater flexibility than mounted-type Crushers, making them suitable for various applications
  • Not as versatile or powerful as other jaw crushers in the market
  • This machine requires careful installation in order not to damage surrounding structures or cause any accidents during operation

Specification for R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher 

The R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher is designed for small to medium-sized crushing and screening operations. The crusher has a capacity of up to 800 kg/hr, along with a modular design that makes it easy to upgrade or modify as needed. It also features a reinforced side frame and double bottom plate, which increases the crusher’s stability and durability.

To provide you with a quality product, our team of experts has put together the following specifications for the R800 track-mounted jaw crusher:

Here are some of the key specs of this machine:

Crusher type: Jaw
Size of machine(s): 800 x 1200 x 1800 (mm) or larger 
Operating weight:120 tons 
Power: 800 hp
Capacity:120 tons/hr (max.)
Speed: 16 ft/min (max.)
Excavation depth: 10 in. (254 mm)

R800 Jaw Crusher

R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher Features 

The R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher is a high-volume, low-speed crusher designed for medium to large-size rocks. This jaw crusher has a capacity of up to 800 tons and can be used in mining, construction, quarrying, and other industrial applications.

Rockster R800 jaw crusher

Features of the R800 track-mounted jaw crusher include: 

  • Fast production rates – The R800 delivers high output rates thanks to its fast feed rate. This enables it to crush large rocks quickly without wear or tear. 
  • Compact design – The compact design makes the R800 simple to move around and transport. It is also relatively lightweight for its powerful capabilities, so you can quickly deploy it where needed. 
  • Easy operation – The intuitive controls make operating the machine easy, even for novice operators. You will be able to achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently with this jaw crusher. 
  • Consistent crushing – The jaw movement is controlled by an electric motor, which ensures consistent and accurate crushing action.
  • Flexibility – The machine has a tilting mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle at which the material is crushed. This helps you tailor the crusher’s performance to meet your specific needs.

R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher Working Principle 

An R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher is a type of crusher that uses tracks to move the crushing chamber instead of individual wheels. This makes it much more efficient and faster than other types of jaw crushers.

The working principle of an R8000 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher is simple. The track takes the weight of the machine, so all you have to do is drive the input material into the jaws and pull it out again. No gears or belts are involved – just heavy iron castings moving along an articulated frame.

This design allows for very high speeds (up to 1200 km/h), which means that track-mounted jaw crushers can easily handle even tough materials like granite. They also have relatively low operating costs, making them an ideal option for small businesses that need durable equipment but don’t have enough money to invest in something more significant.


R800 Jaw Crusher

User-friendly and Safe

Jaw crushers are a critical part of any mining or quarrying operation. They help to reduce the size and weight of rocks, ore, or other materials that need to be processed. There are some different jaw crushers on the market today, each with unique features and benefits. One popular option is the R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher.

Rockster R800 jaw crusher

This machine is user-friendly and secure, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants an easy job done without risk of injury. The track system allows you to move the crusher around easily while maintaining control over its movement. This ensures that you can process material in a controlled manner without fear of accidents. Additionally, the jaw design provides superior crushing efficiency than traditional cone-and-ball designs. 


Compact Design & High Workload

R800 track-mounted jaw crushers are popular for a variety of reasons. They offer sleek designs that can fit into tight spaces, high workloads due to their fast speeds and ability to handle large chunks, and easy maintenance. However, one feature that sets track-mounted jaw crushers apart is their jaw offset/angle adjustment capability. This allows operators to precisely adjust the angle of the jaws without moving them away from the workpiece or rotating them around. This feature makes it easier for operators to achieve precise results with less wear on the equipment. 

If you’re looking for an affordable jaw crusher that offers great performance and flexibility, look no further than a Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher like the R800 model. 

R800 Jaw Crushers

User’s and Editor’s scores 

R800 track-mounted jaw crushers have high user and editor scores thanks to their strong and durable construction. They can handle a wide range of materials efficiently, making them ideal for commercial and residential use. Besides, the crusher is easy to operate and needs little maintenance, making it convenient for users.

In short, if you are searching for a reliable and efficient jaw crusher that will meet your requirements, then R800 should be at the top of your list. But note that its price tag is usually high.

R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher
R800 Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher

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