The McCloskey Kompaq Screener

The McCloskey Kompaq Screener

Are you looking for a machine to help you recycle, compost, topsoil, landscaping, and contract building materials? If so, you'll want to check out the Kompaq Screener, which will be handy in construction or recycling projects.

Kompaq Screener


This machine is designed for use in multiple industries and is perfect for quickly and easily sorting through all of your material. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to transport and store. So if you seek a machine that can help you speed up your workflow, the Kompaq Screener is the perfect solution.

Kompaq Screener

Kompaq Screener

Pros and Cons

Kompaq Screener is widely used in recycling, composting, landscaping, and building industries. It has several benefits, such as being more efficient than other machines in the market, processing large amounts of material quickly and easily, and having lower operating costs. Yet, some cons associated with Kompaq Screener also need to be considered before making a purchase decision.

One important consideration is the noise level produced by the machine. While it’s not too loud or intrusive when running correctly (it usually only comes on during processing) if it becomes too noisy, you’ll likely want to find another option for your recycling/composting needs. Another downside is that Kompaq Screener could be better for items requiring detailed sorting or careful handling; these materials will often jam the machine and cause long delays in processing.

Overall though, Kompaq Screener is an effective tool for those looking for an efficient way to recycle/compost large quantities of materials quickly and cheaply – ideal if you’re part of a business in one of the industries mentioned above!

Kompaq Screener

Specification for Screener

The Kompaq Screener is one of the market’s most efficient and reliable screening machines today. Here are some of its key specifications:

Capacity: The screener can handle up to 1 ton per hour in recycling or landscaping operations and up to 2 tons per hour in contract construction activities.
Speed: The device operates at an impressive speed of 50 meters per minute. This ensures that waste materials are processed quickly and efficiently.
Ease of use:The screener is easy to operate, with buttons located strategically for ease of use.
Design: The design makes it easy to load and unload the machine, as well as assemble it when needed.
Accuracy rate: Kompaq screener has an accuracy rate of 99 percent.

Kompaq Screener

Screening Machine Features

Kompaq Screener is a versatile machine that’s perfect for contractors. It has many features that make it an excellent choice for these businesses, including:

  • Wide variety of materials to be recycled: Kompaq Screener can recycle a wide range of materials, including plastics, metals, and paper.
  • High flexibility: The machine can be customized to suit specific needs or requirements. This makes it easy to recycle different types of materials in accordance with industry standards.
  • Robust construction: The sturdy construction ensures that the machine lasts long and is able to handle heavy loads without breaking down.
  • Low operator fatigue: The ergonomic design minimizes operator fatigue, so workers can keep working longer hours without feeling tired or stressed out.

Kompaq Screener

Working Principle

The Kompaq Screener is a screening equipment used in construction and mining. It offers high precision, speed, and accuracy for the accurate inspection of materials.

The basic operation of the screener machine is simple. The workpiece(s) are placed on the moving belt, which moves them toward the opening at the front of the device. As they move past this opening, they are forced through a series of screens that remove any debris or hazardous material from their path. This process continues until all objects have been screened and dispatched to one end or another of the machine.

This type of screening equipment can be valuable for several reasons. First and foremost, it can help to prevent accidents during construction projects – by removing any potentially dangerous objects before they reach workers on site. Second, it can also help to ensure that materials being mined are safe to handle – by providing that no harmful substances make their way into production lines or mine site environments. 

Kompaq Screener

User-friendly and Safe

A lot of people are searching for safe and user-friendly screening equipment for construction and mining purposes. Kompaq Screener is just that – a practical and secure way to screen materials from debris. 

Kompaq Screener is a user-friendly and safe screening equipment for construction and mining purposes that screens materials from debris. It reliably separates rocks, sand, gravel, and other small objects from larger pieces of material. This screening equipment is perfect for construction sites, mines, roadway dams, and other excavation projects. Kompaq Screener offers an easy-to-use interface with intuitive controls that make it simple to operate. Plus, its durable construction ensures a long life span. 

Kompaq Screener

Compact Design and High Workload

Kompaq Screener is a piece of compact and high-power screening equipment perfect for construction and mining purposes. Its small design makes it easy to transport and set up and handle the high workload required for material screening. 

This screener is equipped with several advanced features that make it ideal for use in construction and mining applications. These include its adjustable speed control system, ability to handle different sizes of screens, and its robust build quality.

Ultimately, the Kompaq Screener can quickly remove large pieces of debris from worksites, saving time and money on cleanup costs. In addition, its strong engine allows it to tackle even the most difficult materials easily.


Kompaq Screener appears as a robust construction and mining equipment screening system that helps operators improve productivity and safety. It has been designed to meet the specific needs of these industries, with features that make it an ideal choice for material separation.

Below are some key user scores and editor’s scores for Kompaq Screener: 

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Well-executed design overall
  • High degree of accuracy in determining materials composition
The McCloskey Kompaq Screener
The McCloskey Kompaq Screener

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