RubbleCrusher RCS48T Screen Overview

RubbleCrusher RCS48T Screen

The RubbleCrusher RCS48T Screen is a compact, mobile vibrating screener designed for small to medium-sized projects. It separates and sorts various materials, including construction and demolition waste, soil, and rubble. It efficiently manages different material sizes, featuring a dual-deck design with dimensions of 4’ x 8’ top deck and 4’ x 6’ bottom deck. Ideal for urban and remote sites, its mobility and compact size make it easy to transport and maneuver. The RCS48T is a robust and versatile recycling and aggregate processing solution, emphasizing environmental sustainability and efficiency.

Pros and Cons

  1. Mobile and Compact: It is easily transportable and can be moved around a site or to different sites.
  2. Efficiency in Operations: Reduces hauling time and costs by enabling on-site sizing and sorting of products.
  3. Environmental Impact: Assists in transforming waste into profitable products and limits waste going to landfills.
  4. User-Friendly: Simple operation with a weight of just over 7,000 lbs and includes a wireless remote control.
  1. Limited to Smaller Projects: More suitable for small to moderate-sized projects.
  2. Material Constraints: May not handle excessively large or tough materials efficiently.

Specification for Mobile Mini Jaw Crusher

  • Dual Deck Design: 4’ x 8’ top and 4’ x 6’ bottom deck for efficient screening.
  • Three Foldable Conveyors: Facilitates the sizing and sorting of up to three different products.
  • Built-in Feed Hopper: Accommodates material dumping for sizing and sorting.
  • Material Versatility: It can screen a variety of materials, including virgin aggregate, dirt/soil, and C&D recycled aggregate.

Mini Jaw Crusher Features

  • Efficient Crushing Mechanism: Designed for optimal crushing and reduced material blockage.
  • Adjustable Jaw Setting: Allows for precise control over product size.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy access to parts for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Robust Build: Made with high-quality materials for longevity.
  • Dust Suppression System: Minimizes dust emission during operation.

Jaw Crusher Working Principle

The working principle of a compact mobile vibrating screener like the RubbleCrusher RCS48T involves a combination of mechanical and operational features designed to separate and sort materials efficiently. The core of its operation lies in the vibrating screen mechanism. This mechanism utilizes vibration to agitate the material on the screen surface, causing finer particles to fall through the screen mesh while larger particles remain on top.

This process starts when the material is fed into the screener. The built-in feed hopper facilitates the introduction of materials onto the screen decks. The machine features multiple screen decks – each with varying mesh sizes to allow for sorting different material sizes. The top deck has a larger mesh for initial separation, with the bottom deck having a finer mesh for more precise sorting.

As the material is fed onto the screen, a vibrating motor generates a rapid vibrational movement. This vibration is a simple back-and-forth motion carefully calibrated to create a throwing action. This action helps to separate materials based on size and density. The smaller particles slip through the mesh openings, while larger particles are transported to the end of the screen deck.

Moreover, the angle of the screen decks can be adjusted to optimize the screening process. The adjustment allows for controlling the flow and retention time of materials on the screen, enhancing the efficiency of the sorting process.

By leveraging these mechanical principles, the RubbleCrusher RCS48T efficiently sorts and separates materials, making it a valuable tool in recycling, construction, and landscaping projects.

Rubble Crusher RCS48T Screen

User-friendly and Safe

Safety and ease of use are key features of the RCS48T. It comes equipped with:

  • Emergency Stop Buttons: Strategically placed for quick access.
  • Protective Guards: To prevent injury from moving parts.
  • User-friendly Control Panel: Intuitive design for easy operation.
  • Automatic Overload Protection: To avoid mechanical damage.
  • Training and Manuals: Comprehensive guides for safe and effective usage.

Compact Design, High Workload

The RubbleCrusher RCS48T Screen’s compact design is ingeniously balanced with its ability to handle a high workload, making it a standout choice for small- to medium-sized projects. Despite its relatively small footprint, this mobile vibrating screener does not compromise performance. Its robust construction and efficient layout enable it to process a significant volume of material, proving that size is only sometimes indicative of capacity.

Its design is tailored for ease of transportation and maneuverability, allowing it to be easily moved and set up in various locations, including tight urban spaces or remote sites. This flexibility is a significant advantage for projects requiring frequent equipment relocation.

The RCS48T’s screening capability is enhanced by its dual-deck design, each deck optimized for effective material separation. The top deck handles coarser material, while the finer material is sorted through the bottom deck. This setup ensures maximum productivity within its compact size, as it can process different material sizes simultaneously, making it highly efficient for its size.

Furthermore, the RCS48T’s design includes user-friendly features, such as simple control systems and easy maintenance access, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous operation. This combination of a compact design and ability to handle a high workload makes the RubbleCrusher RCS48T an ideal solution for various screening needs in construction, landscaping, and recycling projects.

User’s and Editor’s Scores

The RubbleCrusher RCS48T scores highly among users and editors alike. On a scale of 1 to 10, users have rated it an average of 8.5 for its efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Editors commend its innovative design and environmental friendliness, giving it a score of 9. Its compactness and powerful performance make it a favorite in the small-scale construction and recycling industries.

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