Pitbull 2300 Topsoil Screener

Pitbull 2300 Topsoil Screener

The PITBULL 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener is the perfect solution for landscapers, contractors, and homeowners.

Powerful Topsoil Screener

Pitbull 2300 Overview

The PITBULL 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener is the perfect solution for landscapers, contractors, and homeowners. This powerful machine can easily separate rocks and soil to provide clean topsoil ready to spread or use in your project. With its patented vibratory system, it quickly separates any unwanted material while maintaining the integrity of the topsoil itself. 

The PITBULL 2300 also comes with various other features, such as a 3-minute setup time, adjustable speed controls, and an intuitive user interface so even beginners can use it without hassle. The PITBULL 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener has been designed to handle materials up to four inches in diameter at speeds of up to 25 cubic yards per hour.

Pitbull 2300

Powerful Pitbull 2300 Topsoil Screener

Pros and Cons

The PITBULL 2300 portable soil screener is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their gardening skills. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using this product:

  • The PITBULL 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener is lightweight and easy to transport. 
  • It produces a high-quality, uniform soil product suitable for landscaping and gardening. 
  • Its steel construction is robust and durable for long-term performance. 
  • Its adjustable mesh screen size allows for easy customization of the type of material being processed and the desired end product.
  • The screener has a low-maintenance design that requires little time or effort to operate properly.
  • The PITBULL 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener is expensive and may be out of reach of some budgets.
  • Setup can be a bit challenging as some tools are required to set it up correctly.
  • It runs on gasoline, which can be noisy in certain contexts, such as residential neighborhoods or parks.

Pitbull 2300 Screener

Specification for Screener

pitbull 2300

Transportation Height:10’ 7”
Operation Height:13’ maximum with conveyer fully raised
Minimum dump height:8’ 4 ¼’ for easy loading
Width:8’ 4 ½”
Discharge Height:7 – 13’ adjustable with 20’ Long Stacking Conveyer
Curb Weight:Approximately 13,400 lbs
Engine:74 HP 4 cylinder Diesel Tier 4 Final
Fuel Capacity:25.5 Gallon Fuel Tank
Standard with:Pintle Hitch
Street Legal Trailer Lighting
Screening Area:42 Square Feet
Brakes:Electric Brakes with breakaway protection
Suspension:Torflex suspension for smooth, stable ride
(Purchased separately)
2 Tier Shaker Table with Quick Change Screens
Each tier utilizes Two 39” x 79” Removable panels that are interchangeable between tiers and all 2300 model screen plants

Powerful Pitbull 2300 Topsoil Screener

Screening Machine Features

The PITBULL 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener is the perfect tool for anyone looking to quickly and efficiently screen topsoil. It features a unique, durable design that can be used on job sites of any size. This topsoil screener has a large hopper capacity so that you can work faster than ever before. Its centrifugal force creates an even distribution of soil across the entire surface area, allowing you to easily separate different types of material without clogging up the machine.

In addition to working quickly and efficiently, the PITBULL 2300 boasts an impressive range of features that make it easy to use and maintain. The adjustable height allows you to set the optimum grade for your project, while its heavy-duty tires provide superior traction over loose terrain. The robust steel frame construction ensures a long lifespan and dependable performance each time it is used.

Pitbull 2300 Topsoil Screener

Working Principle

pitbull 2300 screener

The PITBULL 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener is a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to provide contractors with an efficient and effective way to screen topsoil. The working principle of this machine is based on the screening process, which involves vibrating the material onto a set of screens or meshes. This separates dirt, rocks, and other smaller particles from larger particles. The machine is equipped with adjustable springs and supports that will enable the user to customize the angle and intensity of vibration for optimal results.

The screener also features a large feed hopper optimized for maximum output and efficiency while in operation. This hopper can accommodate any material size while maintaining smooth movement to ensure consistent results. Additionally, the machine includes an integrated engine that provides reliable power when operating in remote locations where electricity may not be readily available.

Pitbull 2300 Screener

User-friendly and Safe

The PITBULL 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener is an innovative and efficient machine designed to make your job easier. This topsoil screener makes sorting through the soil for stones, sand, and other debris quick and easy. The screener is user-friendly, allowing anyone to operate it with ease. It has a simple yet robust design that makes it safe for both the operator and the environment. 

The PITBULL 2300 uses hydraulics to sort through soil quickly and efficiently while reducing the risk of injury or environmental damage caused by manual labor. Its adjustable screen allows you to customize its performance based on your specific needs. The machine’s low noise output ensures that nearby residents won’t be disturbed while you work. Additionally, its low emissions help keep air quality standards in line with clean air regulations.

Pitbull 2300 Topsoil Screener

Compact Design and High Workload

PITBULL 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener is a must-have for any construction or contracting business that needs to quickly and efficiently sort and filter through raw materials. This innovative machine offers a unique combination of portability, compact design, and high workload capabilities. It features an advanced screening mechanism specifically engineered to handle larger volumes of soil in shorter periods. Its durable steel frame construction ensures that it can withstand the toughest conditions on any job site. 

The PITBULL 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener also includes adjustable screens for added versatility, allowing users to adjust the size and type of materials screened. With its robust design and heavy-duty components, this screener can produce accurate results with minimal effort.


Users have lauded the 2300 Portable Topsoil Screener for its portability and durability. With the ability to be transported easily to any job site, it has become a popular choice for construction professionals and homeowners alike. Besides, its well-built design makes it highly resistant to wear and tear from everyday use and more demanding jobs. Editors have also praised this product with high scores due to its incredible efficiency in sifting through large amounts of material at once while still providing accurate results.

Pitbull 2300 Topsoil Screener
Pitbull 2300 Topsoil Screener

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