Red Rhino 7000 Rock Crusher

Red Rhino 7000 Rock Crusher

Red Rhino 7000 Overview

The Red Rhino 7000 mini rock crusher is a powerful and versatile tool for those who need to process rocks on an industrial scale. This machine can quickly and efficiently handle all types of rock, from the hardest granite to the softest sandstone. It has a powerful motor that can crush up to 7 tons of material an hour, making it perfect for large-scale projects such as mining operations or construction sites. The hopper’s capacity is also impressive; it can hold up to 200 pounds at once and requires minimal maintenance.

This mini rock crusher is easy to use and highly efficient due to its innovative design. Its adjustable jaw settings allow you to customize the output size, so you get exactly what you need every time. The robust steel frame ensures durability while still allowing portability; this machine can be easily transported between job sites without any problems.

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Red Rhino 7000 Rock Crusher

Pros and Cons

  • Compact size makes it easy to transport and use on-site.
  • Motor runs at a quiet level, reducing sound pollution dramatically.
  • Versatile enough to crush various types of material such as asphalt, concrete, brick, rocks, and gravel.
  • Durable and built to last with a heavy-duty construction from hard steel components.
  • Cost-efficient compared to traditional methods of breaking materials down into smaller pieces for easier handling or disposal.
  • High price tag limits its appeal for smaller projects or those with limited budgets.
  • Not suitable for larger jobs due to its small size and capacity limitations compared to other mini crushers like the Red Rhino 5000 model.
  • Clean up process after use is often time-consuming due to the need for proper dust suppression measures to be taken into consideration before use to prevent air pollution or contamination of nearby surfaces/groundwater.

Red Rhino 7000 Crusher

Specification for Jaw Crusher

The Red Rhino 7000 mini rock crusher is a high-performance machine designed for smaller crushing applications. It has many features that make it ideal for residential and light industrial settings. These include its compact design, easy operation, and powerful motor. Some of the other specs of the Red Rhino 7000 mini rock crusher include the following: 

Operating weight10 t
Crusher opening length0.7 m
Crusher opening width0.4 m
Transport length6.7 m
Transport width2.2 m
Transport height2.72 m
Plant typeRM
Crusher typeBB
Drive power51.5 kW
Maximum output45 t
Maximum feed size120 mm

Red Rhino 7000

Jaw Crusher Features

The Red Rhino 7000 mini rock crusher is an essential piece of machinery for any construction or mining project. This powerful machine has been designed to crush rocks and other hard materials into a fine powder, making it an invaluable tool for excavating and repurposing. Whether you’re looking to level the ground before building or filling in gaps after blasting, the Red Rhino 7000 can do it all.

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This mini-rock crusher is capable of crushing material up to 10cm across – making it ideal for larger projects. It runs off of a reliable diesel engine, ensuring that your rock-crushing job will be finished quickly and efficiently. The machine also features an adjustable jaw setting which allows you to choose the size of material that needs crushing – perfect for getting rid of stubborn rocks or creating more even surfaces.

Red Rhino 7000 Rock Crusher

Jaw Crusher Working Principle

The Red Rhino 7000 Mini Rock Crusher appears to be a powerful machine capable of crushing rocks into small pieces. This compact crusher features an adjustable jaw gap and a robust design, making it ideal for a wide range of mining and quarrying applications. The working principle of the Red Rhino 7000 Mini Rock Crusher is simple: to break large rocks into much smaller stones.

First, the feed material is fed into the hopper at the top of the crusher. Then, it is crushed between two rotating jaws – one stationary and one movable. As these jaws rotate, they crush larger rocks against each other until they become small enough to pass through a predetermined opening in each jaw plate. The material that passes through then falls out of the bottom chute onto a conveyor belt or storage bin below. This process is repeated until all feed material has been processed and reduced to its final desired size.

Red Rhino 7000 Rock Crusher

User-friendly and Safe 

The Red Rhino 7000 mini rock crusher is incredibly user-friendly and safe. It has been designed to be easily operated by a single person, with minimal effort or risk of injury. With its integrated safety features, this mini rock crusher gives you peace of mind when crushing small stones, rocks, and other materials for landscaping projects.

red rhino 7000 rock crusher

This hardworking piece of machinery is easy to use and can handle any job you throw at it. The controls are simple and intuitive; even first-time users will have no trouble operating the Red Rhino 7000 mini rock crusher. It also offers great portability due to its compact size, making it easy to transport from one job site to another without worrying about disassembling the device for transport. 

The Red Rhino 7000 mini rock crusher is a reliable choice for any project that requires powerful and safe crushing capabilities.

RR 7000 Rock Crusher

Compact Design & High Workload

The Red Rhino 7000 mini rock crusher stands for a powerful yet compact design that can handle a high workload. This machine packs a punch in a small package, with the ability to crush rocks and stones up to 70mm in size. It’s perfect for domestic and commercial applications, such as paving driveways or creating pathways. 

This mini rock crusher stands out from other models due to its robust construction and efficient operation. It produces up to 20 tons of crushed material per hour while remaining easy to transport and maneuver due to its low-weight design. As well as being able to work on hard surfaces, it can handle softer materials like gravel, soil, or sand easily. 

What really sets this machine apart from others is its adjustable jaw gap which allows you to adjust how coarse or fine the output will be according to your project needs.

RR 7000 Rock Crusher


The Red Rhino 7000 mini rock crusher has been praised by both users and editors alike. This small but powerful machine is designed to crush rocks to a fraction of their size, making it perfect for landscaping or commercial construction projects. Users have raved about the portability and ease of use that comes with the Red Rhino 7000. Editors have also given this device high marks for its performance when crushing even the toughest rocks. The adjustable output settings allow users to tailor their needs perfectly, giving them complete control over how much material they can grind in one run.

Red Rhino 7000 Rock Crusher
Red Rhino 7000 Rock Crusher

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